Wave Tube - Green Room

Riding this wave could definitely be a seshmaker!

Seshmaker: the best wave of a surfing sesh (surfing lingo for session).

…That’s how it started out at least. The name was born on a surfboard in the pacific ocean off the golden beaches of southern California.  There was always that one wave, one perfect wave, that made the sesh all worthwhile.  Most of the time you battle ‘victory at sea’ conditions where you can be anything but victorious. But for one moment in time, everything stops and you can drop into what seems like a perfect face, the salty spray of the ocean seems frozen in mid air and then the wave erupts behind you and you surrender back into the blue…..the seshmaker.  It made all worth it: freezing your butt off on a long hike back up a slippery hill and telling your buddies how you nabbed the only rideable wave in the ocean that day.

Soon I realized that the seshmaker could apply to anything: making the perfect painting, an awesome snowboard run, getting a runners high, the crux of a climbing route. The seshmaker is the thing that makes everything come together. It gives you a moment of oneness with yourself and everything around you.

This site is dedicated to creating seshmakers anywhere you can find them.

Seek out your seshmakers!